We are working to revitalize the Musashi School District of Omihachiman City Shiga Prefecture!

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About Musajuku

Musajuku was built as the 67th posting station on Nakasendo (between Echigawashuku and Moriyamashuku). The total length of the road is about 1km and there was an officially appointed inn and a sub-appointed inn. There were 23 hotels and the population was about 530. Because it was a well-travelled area with goods and merchants and was a connection point with Happu kaido bound for Ise, it is said that there was a busy distribution of seafood, paper, and fabric. Other than that, there were special products such as Musamasu box and Musasumi ink which were now rare products. As for main sights, there are Iba Teigo’s house site and Musa jinja Shrine. Currently, promotion activities are conducted by the regeneration of a flower called Musharindo and by setting rest houses for tourists.

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(Mr. Akihiro Kodama)
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Address 558 Musa-cho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga-ken, 523-0012

By train: Take Omi Railway at JR Biwako Line at Omihachiman Station.
       Get off at Musa Station and it takes 6 minutes by foot.