We are working to revitalize the Musashi School District of Omihachiman City Shiga Prefecture!

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Musa community center

It is a facility to promote town development and form a local society with a character. It is mainly used as a hub for community activity and disaster prevention for citizens. Building was moved from April, 2017.

Musa community center


〒523-0012 764, Musacho, Omihachiman-shi
Email Address:musa-cc@zc.ztv.ne.jp


By train: Change trains at the Oomihachiman Station of JR Biwako Line to Oomi Tetsudo (or Oomi Railway), get off the train at Musa Station, and walk for about 10 minutes.
By car: Drive a car along Route 8 for about 20 minutes from the Ryuuou Interchange of Meishin Expressway, turn to the right at the Tomosada intersection, and turn to the left at a Family Mart. You can find it soon.