We are working to revitalize the Musashi School District of Omihachiman City Shiga Prefecture!

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About Omihachiman

Omihachiman city is located in the central part (Koto district) of Shiga prefecture and has population of approximately 82,000. The city has been an important point of transportation from the old days. In the Sengoku period, Azuchijo Castle was constructed by the order of Nobunaga Oda and there were Rakuichi-rakuza, or free markets which helped develop the city a commercial one and the successful merchants of Omi. Not only the commerce, there are also many visually and historically significant assets such as modern architecture by William Merrell Vories, Hachimanbori moat, and the lakeside district of Nishinoko Lake and Biwako Lake. The city is known as a birthplace of Omi beef and there is a new brand, Club Harie.


About Nakasendo

Nakasendo is one of the five important kaido roads (Tokaido, Nikko kaido, Oshu kaido, and Koshu kaido) that was built in the Edo period in 1659 and it was also known as Kiso kaido. Nihonbashi in Tokyo as a starting point, it connects about 534km to Nagano and Sanjo in Kyoto. It merges to Tokaido in Kusatsu, Shiga, and 69 posting stations along the roads. Nakasendo is the longest one among those kaido roads and mainly located in the mountainous area but it has been an important main road along with Tokaido and used as a detour.