We are working to revitalize the Musashi School District of Omihachiman City Shiga Prefecture!

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Laboratory activity

We are currently conduct activity at Musa school district in Omihachiman City, Shiga, and at the Doi shopping arcade in Moriguchi City, Osaka (as of 2015). In Musa, we took over what our seniors had done and already 5 years has passed. We exchange opinions in the field once a month in order to promote Nakasendo and the exchange with three generations. Also, they hold seasonal events such as homestay experience at a Japanese traditional house and summer festival. We have started our activity at the Doi shopping arcade (Doi, Keihan, Totsu, Nakatsu, Asahi shopping arcades) from fall of 2014. We are mainly active at the Totsu shopping arcade to restore the life of the street. Because we are still in the early days of our activity, we are focusing on obtaining trust from the people there as we did in Musa district.

  • Laboratory activity
  • Laboratory activity

People/Town/Create Project

Laboratory activity This project is a group that was derived from our lab activity. Any student at this university can join. What we do is basically the same as the lab does which is an interaction with the community. The activity is based mainly on the university (Hirakata campus) in Sugawara-higashi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka-fu, and in the only village in Kyoto, Minamiyamashiro-mura village. In Sugawara-higashi district, seasonal events are held to make good use of the campus for community exchange, and provide a space for study and exercise on every Saturday at an elementary school, called "Terakoya Yuyu" and organize festivals. At Minamiyamashiro-mura village, we are mainly active for community promotion and agricultural experience. We make a promotion for raw wood Shiitake mushroom and tomato that are the specialty there and we grow rice and vegetables with international students and children in Sugawara-shigashi district.